Step 2: Limbo Time

Limb your bamboo with a long handled cutter.

After the brush is cleared away, use a garden snipper and a rough file or rasp to remove any remaining twigs.

The bamboo should not have any sharp points.
This sounds like a lot of fun. I always wanted to do aerial shots.Has anyone seen Art Attack? Brilliant overhead shots but real expertise needed to set them up at ground level.<br><br>Now I need some bamboo - guess I could bite the bullet and buy some at the hardware... it has lots of other uses, I'm sure.<br><br>Thanks for sharing this idea!<br><br>
Hope you can get some free bamboo. Check out rug stores - they use it to roll up rugs. Best of all is to just scout around. In the USA bamboo grows wild in California, Oregon, and from Texas up to Connecticut.
I wondered why you said rug stores- never heard of that use. My mum used to have some in her garden but it spreads too readily, so we haven't planted it here (urban fringes in Australia - have to watch vigorous introduced plants). <br><br>I have seen bamboo sticks sold cheap in bundles at garden supply shops to use as stakes- I'll check them out.<br> <br>Otherwise I can try adding some dowel to my trusty extension stick curtain rod that I used in my High Spray Extension handle and Cobweb broom instructables ;)
just a hunch but are you saying that bamboo attracts lightning ?we have bamboo on our property and i have never notices any increase in lightning strikes in that area as apposed to any other
Yep, shouldn't be a problem as far as I know. But a single 40 foot pole out in a storm, wet with rain, or even freshly cut and green, seems like just <em>asking</em> for grief.<br/>
Oh yeah, a few words on safety:<br/><br/>Ask permission before cutting bamboo. Look out for electrical wires before you cut. Don't cut bamboo in a storm, or if you hear thunder.<br/><br/>Do not throw the fresh leafy bamboo cuttings in your lawn trimming pile. Though unlikely, it is just barely possible that in a wet climate some of them may take root and become a nuisance. So let them dry in the sun for a few days before discarding them in your brush pile.<br/><br/>Before you start lifting the tower look out for overhead electric wires, trees, houses and other structures. Think carefully about what might be hit if the tower falls.<br/><br/>Never raise a camera tower in a storm, or even if you just <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.lightningsafety.noaa.gov/">hear thunder</a> in the distance.<br/>
Yes, but what an awesome photo that would make! LOL!
LOL! Yes and be sure to hold a compact fluorescent light bulb in your mouth and wear a tinfoil hat to dissipate any <em>excess</em> charge!<br/>
An excellent use of this is to use it to see in your gutters to see if they are stopped up instead of using a ladder! I did the same thing with a 20 foot bamboo pole.
That is a really good idea!

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