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Introduction: Panorama Head

I want to take a pictures in panoramic view, even 360 degree. Well, some trials from hand was not successful as I expected. Problem was hold still and nodal point. Then I found on web a huge offer for panorama heads. The prices are...ouch. And t than I go in my working corner.

Step 1: Start With Finding Material

I took rough measurements of my camera, find out Plexiglas 8mm, took hand saw and start. Here you see strips 45mmx 8mm.
Well, boring and hard work.

Step 2: Grinding

Well, not all work was by hand. 50% is with machines.

Step 3: First Look

Some of parts was made... still to go.
Here are shall be two heads on end. Plexy parts was glued with a blur made when you put the Plexy sawdust in the chloroform. Very good glue.
Some ideas how it shall work after finishing.

Step 4: Assembled

Two assembled. Some close ups.

Step 5: Mounted on My Stativ

As you can see. Looks pretty good. And it is functional...

Step 6: It Has to Be Stronger...

I found that for heavier cameras and lenses you need to take stronger Plexy, The third was made from 45mm x 9mm strips.

Step 7: Reinforcements

So I go back, and add - glue a layer of 4mm on previous model on vertical and horizontal part. Because I have not the same material I take this layer in different color.  To be nicer ...
Now it is ready for heavier cameras...

Step 8: Test ...

Ahhh.... this is it...

Costs?  Few cents. Two hour work.   :)))

Or go to web /Ebay... there are plenty of kind...


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    I may have a go at this, I have some off cuts of perspex in the garage.
    While solvent glue will work you may get a better result using a UV curing cyanoacrylate though obviously that would only be applicable if you were using transparent perspex.

    The same design would work in MDF as well, which is cheaper if you have to buy the materials.

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    i know right!!!! its like talking to a really polite wall lol:]

    Can I get in on this?
    I am a stranger from a website
    I want to know your name, rank, cereal number, address, and how you joined instructables. Then I'll say "hi there" and creep the living S*%@ out of you

    Who would want to put a "full name and address" just to make a comment? really, what's the point of that? Does leaving a name and address out of one's comment automatically make it irrelevant? I would never have guessed it worked that way. *lol* what a joke!

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    He just wants to know where you live so he can stalk you

    Great instructable, but I am kinda confused here..

    You don't show how to use it?

    Wouldn't just a tripod work?
    It worked for me.

    I would like to see a camera that could take a picture of my head panorama.

    Where I could have a picture of my head but flat like your picture above.
    Hope you understand what I mean.
    I'm actually trying to make a stand where I could take a picture of my tattooed arm in 360 degrees then lay it out flat.

    Still in prototype stage...

    4 replies

    Hello Greg,
    Thank for your mail.
    I always like to answer to a person .... not on nick name.

    Panorama is picture from a center ---out.. up to 360 degree.
    Its a name of surrounding ... what you see turning yourselves around.
    Tripod is used for holding camera still, same level and direction.
    For above" panorama" is crucial to know where is a nodal point of your lens.
    My Pano-Head is dedicated only for above.
    See further:

    "Your head panorama and arm panorama" is a different kind of taking pictures- and it is not a proper description. Named 3D.

    Picture from outside to a center.
    Camera is moved around head (object)... or camera is still and you turn
    head (object) siting on piano chair ... and each 30 degree turning, or less ...
    take a shot.
    Connecting pictures in one ... special software... for example: Helicon focus.
    See further:

    Two different technical problems in photography.....


    Thank you, Kresimir!!

    I think I may build one of your mounts.
    Also, thinking of my other project too!
    (going to design it in Sketchup)

    I'll keep you updated.

    Think "looping roller coaster!" A circular track with a camera dolly attached. You could use it for your head or arm. A cork screw track might be pretty interesting for the arm tat if it's a sleeve. Considering you want to photograph body parts, I would also include something to stabilize said body part.

    Dear Sir,
    Please, full name and place.

    E-mail: kresimir.pregernik@gmail com

    With due respect,

    Just for educational purposes, the whole point of this mount is so the camera rotates around the nodal point of the camera, ensuring straight and easily aligned edges. Rotating around the tripod mount makes for edges that change.

    Good work, well designed and well made.

    That's well done, and I like the design.

    I own a commercial pano head, but you could do a lot with your DIY version...