A few months ago I upgraded my cell phone to the Galaxy S3.  It's a great phone.  One of my favorite features is it's ability to create panoramic pictures.  However, I noticed that sometimes the pictures didn't quite line up right.  After talking to my brother-in-law about this I found out that the best panoramic pictures are created when the camera is rotated on it's axis.  Perfect, this sounds like an opportunity for me to make a fixture!  I've also been looking for a project to use 3D printing, so I think this will be a good opportunity to try it out.

Step 1: Find a CAD Model of the Samsung Galaxy S3

The first step is to acquire a model of your phone.  You can, of course, model it yourself in your favorite CAD software.  However, there is a pretty good chance someone has already created a model if you have a popular phone.  I found a nice model of the S3 on the GrabCAD website. 
Awesome idea! I'd love to see a panoramic photo you made with it :D

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