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Introduction: Panoramic Rig

This is an easy rig to make that will suit your panoramic needs. 
Things you will need: 
- 3/4''  plywood - I used pine
- felt that is sticky on one side
- 2 - "L" brackets and hardware
- 1 - 3/8"x2" carrier bolt w/washer and wingnut
- 1 - 1/4"-20 x2" carrier bolt w/washer and wingnut
- 1 - 1/4"-20 x2 wing head bolt w/two nuts and a washer
- 2 - 1.5" wood screws

There are a couple of measurements that you need to take before you get started.  You need the entrance pupil length and the lens diameter. The entrance pupil measurement will delegate how long your horizontal arm is.  The lens diameter will delegate the width of your rig.  I'd recommend doing a little research and understand the entrance pupil before making a panoramic rig.  If you do not get that measurement right the rig will not work like it is supposed to. 



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    Folk would appreciate knowing how you did this, how you use it, and what the results look like.

    2 replies

    I'm working on it as we speak.

    When your instructable isn't finished, you can save it you know... ;)