A Pantograph Engraver is a very handy piece of equipment, for the hobbyist. This machine was developed by me for engraving name plates, it could also be used for various other purposes... Like Cutting miniature parts on wood and acrylic with a template.

It uses a sewing machine motor coupled to bearing driven shaft... other types of engraving motors too could be mounted.. provided they are mounted in the right place or plane.. this engraver was constructed around 6 months ago..and is in its assembled form, therefore photographs from various angles will be presented to understand the construction..


A pantograph is basically a square with pivoted comers, if holes are drilled in it's arms it could be used for enlarging or reducing drawings or artworks. Fig 1. shows a basic panto graph.. Note the pivot points.. Note the point at the top left corner is secured.. drawings could be enlarged or reduced in accordance with points A, B & C....

Point B is usually the place where drawing or engraving takes place, it usually reduces the image of an artwork which is made using point A or C, if a large artwork is traced using a point at A, an accurate and reduced image could be made at Point B... This is the basic mechanism of a pantograph. With this understanding it is easy to develop the machine you need... one special NOTE: The pointer for tracing ( A or C) and the Engraving Motor ( B) should be placed right in the center of their respective arms.

<p>This is pretty cool. Nice to see the details of how it was put together, thanks! :)</p>
Thanks .. hope to improve on the subject of engraving....

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