Picture of Pantone Color Swatch Costume
Can't decide what to wear for a costume party? Why go as some thing boring like a witch or princess when you can go as a color?!
I chose the 2013 Pantone color of the year for my Halloween 2013 costume.

Sorry there aren't more pictures. I decided on this at the last-minute since I'm incredibly indecisive.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- Oversize t-shirt
- White fabric - I used an old sheet
- Liquid stitch, sewing machine, or sewing kit
- Scissors
- Black paint pen(s)
- Straight Pens
- Printed Lettering to trace - I've attached the pdf & Illustrator files for the lettering I used. Don't forget to adjust the size of your letting to fit you & change the color information to match the color of your t-shirt.
- Ruler or straight-edge & pen/pencil/chalk
SimonHedin10 months ago

Hehe! Love it!

This made me giggle - such a clever thing!

Aw, thanks! :)
CathyJo861 year ago
Very creative! Nice work :)
jessicahenderson88 (author)  CathyJo861 year ago
Thank you! :)
Love the idea and the color choice :)
Thanks! Green is my favorite color, so I had to make it green. :)