Pantry Raid: Make Your Own Moisturizing Sugar Scrub

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Make your own sugar scrub using ingredients you have at home.  You control the ingredients and can customize it based on your own preferences and/or available materials.  Not only does it exfoliate but it leaves the skin silky soft.  Never pay high prices for commercially produced sugar scrubs again.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
You Need:
1/4 cup olive oil*
1/2 cup granulated or brown sugar
essential oils for scent (optional)
herbs (optional)**

*Optional Oils:
sweet almond oil -- replace olive oil entirely or use in place of part of the olive oil
coconut oil -- replace olive oil entirely or use in place of part of the olive oil
jojoba oil -- replace about 1 teas to 1 Tbsp of the olive oil
vitamin E oil -- replace about 1 teas of the olive oil

**Optional Herbs --You can use whatever herbs you'd like or none at all.  Suggestions include:

Step 2: Creating Your Sugar Scrub

Picture of Creating Your Sugar Scrub
I suggest making a small batch of plain olive oil sugar scrub and trying it to see what kind of results you get before tinkering with added ingredients.  I find that plain sugar and olive oil works well for me and that the lack of additional scents or herbs makes this scrub usable by the whole family.  It's a fantastic product to use on the hands and arms when getting done working in the garden, shop, or art studio.

In a small bowl, combine oil(s) and sugar.  If using essential oils, add a few drops.  If using herbs, add about 1 teas or so.

Using a spoon, stir together sugar, oils, and optional ingredients.  Place in a small jar with a tight-fitting lid.
momothree3 years ago
does this make you face oily? i have acne prone skin...don't want to make it worse. thanks :)
Great instructable and photos! I use sugar scrubs on my little kids too, and did even when they were babies (babies get flaky skin at some points because their skin cell turnover is so high). I used the superfine baker's sugar for their sugar scrubs when they were little. It also helped get rid of any scalp buildup or cradle cap.

Sometimes I like to mix the "sugar in the raw" with the regular sugar scrub if I'm using it on my legs, knees, feet, etc for a bit more grip. :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE those chubby daughter was like that...looked like we tied rubber bands around her!

Thank you for making me smile about something that was so long ago!

starshipminivan (author)  supersoftdrink4 years ago
Cute baby!! What good uses for babies!

Great idea for the superfine sugar and the sugar in the raw. It makes so much sense to adjust the size of the crystals for the use.
Jerina4 years ago
easy recipe :) I'll try to make it for myself soon, my skin really need a good scrup :)
Super idea! thanks for sharing!!