Hello, this is somethting i designed to extertain people at the bar i work. Many people have seen and can do the shirt with numerous different versions out there, but i have not seen to much of pants to make a 2 dollar man. hope this is helpful and entertaining. once complete this creates a free standing 2 Dollar man.

Step 1: Step 1

fold the dollar bill as shown the long way
It is creative.
this is my first instructable does it help???? I have a few other bar entertainment that i do such as the napkins rose, and the dollar bill boot. anybody interested???
id liek to learn the rose and boot
yes, the napkin rose please.
Post those too please
i have made much better pants for this and there very easy, step 1: fold in half length wise step 2: fold in half length wise again. step 3: fold in half width wise at a slight angle.
I really like this instructable! The pants look quite funny but still, very good!
i made that shirt a while ago and everyone was like, now you need some pants. now i CAN have pants!
Thank you!

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