Panty Liner





Introduction: Panty Liner

Comfortable underwear are great, but not always the most attractive. The solution to granny panties? The Panty Liner! For those who are caught in a situation where your granny panties won't cut it, simply tear away a portion for your preferred cut.

How to hack your own undies...

(credit to jin hong, sebastian brauer, tiana galanti, isabel donaldson, and berk asal)

Step 1:

With an exacto knife, cut perforations of a few desired cuts of underwear. You can even trace from other underwear you have (those cuter ones).

Step 2:

To transform, just tear off sections and the remaining piece is your new underwear.

Step 3:

Wear and tear off perforations whenever, to your desired style!

Step 4:



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    Can I buy the basic panty with the wide gusset? If not where or how do I get them? and is there an actual pattern, the size one would use it, that can be downloaded (average size)?

    This amused me... welldone :D <grin>

    Why'd you turn away from the camera!

    I presume that I'm missing something, but I'm a bit confused. As a member of the gender that most women would consider wearing "cute" panties to impress... If you're expecting them to be seen, then you're probably expecting them, not too much later, not to be seen. And in that case, I'm not convinced that the difference in hemline is going to have that much effect. At least, not in those situations where an emergency switchover could be useful. Or is this a matter of controlling how hemline shows through overwear? Or simply a matter of the wearer's confidence? I'm not criticising; it's a neat solution. I'd just like to better understand what problem it's solving. But I'll accept the answer "You're a guy, you wouldn't understand, don't worry about it." (The only time I've ever found underwear embarassing was when I was caught wearing a damaged pair -- and the best solution was to grin, sigh, and get rid of 'em as quickly as possible.)

    why cant you just buy cool underwear in the first place? Are granny panties cheaper or something? . I buy my underwear at walmart and the cool looking underwear is only like a buck more than the dorky kind. (im not saying i dont wear dorky underwear, (see previous instructables) but i like to avoid a laundry nightmare by washing all my cool underwear at once. at least i think they are cool looking, nobody has said either way.)

    I don't see how it would be lewd - it shows less skin than some other instructables (not that I have anything against seeing skin)... and the one point that might have been too revealing - all you can see is a second pair of panties beneath the first.

    3 replies

    . The comments may be lewd. I see nothing wrong with the video either, but any show of skin seems to attract a lot of hormone-intoxicated teens. I was the same way at that age. ;)


    We seem to be in a lewd-comment low ebb recently... I also suspect that the people who would ordinarily make such comments may have confused your title for the other sort of panty liner and run screaming :)

    . ROFL I bet you're right.

    @ the fraying issue, these are emergency "good looking" underwear, so that if the granny pants are not the best option to be wearing they can be converted for a short term fix then disposed of... i think

    So, you get a pair of comfortable knickers, and cut them into the shape of uncomfortable knickers, but without the wedgie?

    Interesting, although I can't see how you stop the wedgie happening anyway??

    (And I second Nacho's comments about fraying and lewdness)

    . Nice iBle. The video will probably get a few lewd comments - ignore them. . Won't things start fraying/unraveling without a hem?