Step 4: Bend and round the finger ends

Picture of Bend and round the finger ends
In order to more firmly hold the papaya when you pull on it, so that it doesn't slip out the end of the conically splayed out fingers, the finger tips have to be bend in a little.  Do this with a propane torch, being careful not to burn the plastic. 

Heat the plastic until it becomes flexible, bend the finger tips, and wait for it to cool and rigidify again. 

I used aviation snips and a file to round off the finger tips.

I did a similar design for picking oranges years ago.  It was fun to use, but the fingers, which had flattened areas as joint hinges, tended to get caught in branches and break.  This papaya picker does not have flattened hinge lines and is holding up well.  Since there is no problem with branches, it should have good longevity.