Picture of Paper 3D Pyramid
     Have you ever wanted a nice desk decoration or gift idea without having to spend a lot of money? Paperweights and picture frames are just too expensive, and boring, to place in an office. Luckily, there is a simple (and cheap) solution! You can make a model 3D pyramid using supplies you probably already have right there in your desk! Not only is this project great as a decoration, but it also makes a great craft for kids, and can be given as a gift or card to someone else! So don't just stare blankly at that empty space on your desk! Start building!!!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

-A piece of paper
-A pencil
-Scotch tape
-Crayons in the following colors: dandelion, white, apricot, and cerulean.

Step 2: "X" Fold

Picture of
Fold the top corners of the paper down to the opposite edges to make an "X" shaped crease.

Step 3: Partially Fold In Half

Picture of Partially Fold In Half
Fold the paper in half from the bottom up to the center of the "X" fold as shown.

Step 4: Fold Outward

Picture of Fold Outward
Fold the paper outward from the "X" fold to make the basic pyramid shape.

Step 5: Complete Folding

Picture of Complete Folding
Pinch all edges to make sure they are completely folded.

Step 6: Unfold

Picture of Unfold
Unfold the paper and trace the "X" fold lines with a pencil.

Step 7: Drawing In the Pyramid Layers

Picture of Drawing In the Pyramid Layers
Draw in lines on the shorter sides of the "X" fold, as shown.

Step 8: Landscape

Picture of Landscape
Trace the center fold line with a pencil. Next, draw in a landscape on both sides of the center fold. Make sure they are upside down from each other, so they will match! An alternative method you could use would be to draw a different landscape on either side, for an artistic appeal.

Step 9: Coloring The Pyramid

Picture of Coloring The Pyramid
Take the apricot crayon and start coloring in the pyramid. It will be neater if you color the "layers" of the pyramid one by one.

Step 10: Coloring The Sun

Picture of Coloring The Sun
Take the dandelion crayon and color in the sun (if you have one) in your landscape. Remember to do this for both sides of the landscape!

Step 11: Sand

Picture of Sand
If there is sand in your landscape, you can mix the apricot and dandelion crayon colors to make a sandy color reminiscent of the desert. Repeat for both sides of your landscape.
Simple, but still very cool. :P If this was in a contest, I'd vote for it.
You're welcome. :P