The Nintendo 3DS is going to be released on 03/27/2011, but you can have a 1:1 paper version of it in a few hours for free!
It can do basically everything what the original one can do - except gaming (and the WiFi-connection doesn't work - in case that disappoints you).
Attention: This is not an easy model. I took care to keep important details, nerd-spoken it is not an Arcade-version, it is a Simulation-version.

The full PDF is downloadable at http://www.kamibox.de

Step 1: History

No one cares for this step. It is completely unnecessary but I feel the desperate urge to tell something about the 3DS and the development of the papercraft model in order to give the Instructable an intellectual touch.

The Nintendo 3DS is the sequel generation of the Nintendo DS, released 6 years ago. The Nintendo DS itself is not a sequel to any generation, it came 5 years after the Game Boy Advance, but doesn't call itself a Game Boy.
As the Nintendo DS had 4 versions, the Nintendo DS Classic, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL, which all belonged to the same handheld-generation, it is inevitable that the 3DS will also have other versions, which may come in 1-2 years. The current design resembles that one of the Nintendo DS Lite, as shown in the comparison below.

The most innovative feature is the 3D-without-glasses effect on the top screen, the lower screen is touch-sensitive. Additionally to the original DS, it has a slide-pad, 2 outer cameras to take 3D-pictures and play AR-games, one inner camera, Street-Pass etc.

The papercraft model of the 3DS is already a few months old, but the design was minimally changed and so I had to edit the model a bit. I took all size details and pictures that had been released as references and I hope that it is very close to the original one.
<p>Pst still confused, how do we exactly assemble pieces such as the top part? There's little strips that I can't figure out.</p>
dead links
<p>What Zelda really wants!</p>
who got blue and who got black?
It actually came out after the DSi
Awesome! I love papercrafting AND my 3DS, so this I'll have to try. 5/5 and faved. <br> <br>(I'm using my 3DS to comment!) <br>:) <br>Win Guy <br> <br>P.S. Your Black 3DS link is broken... I found another source: <br>http://blog.livedoor.jp/miniaturenews/archives/2318958.html <br>It's in Japanese, but it works.
What if you just built it on top of a DS to make it look like a 3DS? that might work (if it was hollow).
It's true. I've tried copy and pasteing them and nothing ever happens. Could you please post some JPEGS of them? That would be nice for us all. Good instructable though.
I love blue and black but is there one for dsi XL
yah.. the links lead nowhere, could you post jpegs of them in the instructable?<br>
this is very well done! <br>and thats coming from a sony player.
nice <br>
im so excided i cant wait to get mine its a real one not paper
I scanned through the instructable and noticed one thing. There's no stylus? That's a really important thing in the 3DS. Kinda.
HAHAHA! Im soooooo excited for the 3DS to come out!! I PRE-ORDERED IT!
Cool so did I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So did i.
cool, this fool me for a second
That looks alot similar to the ds.
ok its ovious, I'm not going to win anything in the game life challenge =/
Nice Job! Did you create the papercraft plans in pepakura?
Model would definitely good great from afar. Good job!

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