Picture of Paper Aeroplane: Thunder Bomber
This is one of the very best of paper aeroplanes, it is extremely stable in flight and glides excellently. It is fairly easy to make with no complex folds and no cutting needed.

Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Take an A4 piece of paper and find a smooth, flat surface to do your folding.

1. Crease down the vertical centre of the paper from side to side, then unfold.

2. Fold across the horizontal centre of the paper from top to bottom.

3. Now you have to fold the paper along a line from the top of the central fold to the bottom corner.

4. It should look like so.

5. Now fold from the top corners to the crease that you just made.

6 You should now end up with this.

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vtoma13 years ago
mine sucks.i did it just like in the instructions but flies like someone burnt it
zdog121 vtoma13 months ago

so who cares

djbox9 vtoma13 years ago
BrookeS44 months ago

I'd like to be nice, but honestly these are the worst instructions I have ever across and I regularly make origami and paper planes. To start with it can't be an A4 piece of paper as the creases don't line up from the folds you demonstrate. Secondly, if you're going to number your instructions, then number your photos so we can match them up. Overall, a very frustrating exercise and I'll look elsewhere to make this plane.

milimojo8 months ago
You guys should put a video
eespinosa10 months ago
It had me scratching my head towards the end, but I finally figured it out. My son loved it!!
whoohoo2 years ago
Mine rocks, awesome plane.
My friend made one and it flew near my head slowly.just needed a camera!
chin22933 years ago
mine is not flying well please mention sumthing abt hhow to throw fr best flight
jamesfgr6 years ago
instructions are unclear and pictures unhelpful.
Thanks, glad you liked it.
I disagree with James, I feel it was done quite well, and I'm a freshman in high school!
jmoore333 years ago
oh im stuck at step 3
orenski4 years ago
My son LOVES this bomber plane! I also got a bit lost on the "1. Fold the top flap back and then fold down the centre line. " part, but worked backwards when I got to the end and realised I needed to do this for both sides and then carry on. This is the second time I have made it and I now remember that I mucked up in the same place :) Thanks so much for taking the time to post this, makes my life easier as my son is obsessed with paper planes at the moment!
Perhaps he should take a look at some of my projects too... :)
xxjjxx35 years ago
Cool plane, but my plane does not have a split at the end.....
xxjjxx3 xxjjxx35 years ago
Actually I got it now tnx for the Instructable.
how'd you get it? the split, that's where i'm lost hahah!
Well, that was a while ago, I might have to go through this again to find out.
babbler2544 years ago
The instructions are very unclear! I'm dead at step 3!
look it up in a paper airplane book.
ldavis84 years ago
its brilliant flyer
obsessedfry4 years ago
i got a little lost on the transition from step two to step three, mostly the "fold the top flap back" part, but otherwise awesome! thanksS
tinker2344 years ago
wow this would be a cool airplane
sirdoken24 years ago
Did it extremely wrong >.<
mtobin4 years ago
I can't see anything on this pics -.-
amos414 years ago
This thing really flies well!

Watching the YouTube video really helped too:
midas_jack4 years ago
Thanks for this plane
Aerofan4 years ago
mine just rolled and crashed 10 feet away
Mr.Unknown4 years ago
what do u mean from here to here i dont understand how u fold it making it more clear would be nice
So that those two points touch.
i saw a video on youtube if you are having a difficult time
PAULI184 years ago
maybe next time use a paper that has one color on one side and another on the other.
trebor_295 years ago
This is an excellent plane. The instructions were a little difficult to understand, but I got there in the end, and it flies really well! Thanks a lot.
tomsta144 years ago
didn't understand at all
naruto9545 years ago
help plz on step 3

NerdBoy5 years ago
Great plane, Loosewire. Glides beautifully.
imcharly5 years ago
this plane is from the book ._.;, the book as more instructions so its easier to make, go to the library and look for the book
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