Paper Air Gun





Introduction: Paper Air Gun

Don't be mislead by the "paper". This thing packs a punch!

Step 1: Gather Materials

First of all, you will need paper. I used U.S. size 8 1/2" x 11" printer paper, but I assume you can use A4 also. You will need at least 2 pieces to make the barrel and one dart, but you can make more darts if you want too. (You will also need tape and some kind of cutting tool, a paper cutter is preferable, but you can use scissors if one is not avalible.)

Step 2: Making the Barrel

If you are using U.S. sized paper, I rolled the paper into a cylinder from left to right. When finished, the diameter should be about 1 inch. (If you are using A4, just roll from the left-long side to the right-long side.) Tape ends together.

Step 3: Making the Dart(s)

Cut one sheet of paper in half vertically (bottom to top). Here comes the hard part. Have tape ready. Hold the strip so that the two short sides are on the left and right. Grab the lower right-hand corner and start to curl it upward. Keep curling until you get a cone with about a 1/8" less diameter than your barrel. On the pointy end, there should not be a hole. If there is, untape the cone and curl until the hole disappears. (On the fat end, you might want to cut the rim so that it is flat all around. It just makes it fly cleaner.) Repeat to your liking and/or vengeance level.

Step 4: Shoot!

Put the dart in the barrel point-end first and blow as hard as you can!



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    28 Discussions

    How about another Paper ?

    It such a a STRANGE scissors..

    yeah works great but i have some trouble on the rolling part is it curled straight up or to the side?

    Very nice. Perhaps you could do it with some 1" pvc pipe and one of those pointy party hats cut down to size to increase distance/power? If you were really liking this, maybe even find a way to rig it up to some compressed air :D

    1 reply

    Update: Shooting it out of a piece of pvc pipe approximately 2 feet long and 1/2" in diameter makes it go a lot farther faster. Only issue with shooting the small dart means less stability so I am going to put something heavy in in... Maybe a piece of lead?

    is he naked in those pictures, i dont mean to be rude or anything but im just wondering and i have only got one sheet of paper lol

    2 replies

    I am not naked, and instead of using multiple sheets of paper you can just cut the one you have into four parts i.e like this: l_l_l l_l_l and make a miniature one.

    It really pains me when I have to correct people like I do now. 1. This Instructable is a copy, and not a very good one. 2. U.S. 8" x 11.5" and A4 paper are the same thing. I know you probably did not mean to copy or anything, but it would have been better to check first. :[ Sorry!

    3 replies

    thanks, that was a great Instructable, I've always wanted a simple paper dart blower, that was easy!

    I need help how to do it I can't curl it