Picture of paper airplane glider
In this instructable i'm going to teach you how to fold a paper airplane. This specific airplane is a 'glider'. You throw it slowly(just letting go is fast enough) after which it will glide to the ground. Onto the instructions!
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Step 1: Ingredients

For this instructable you need:
-One A4 sized paper(Any rectangular piece will work, just make sure it isn't too small!)
-Your hands
-Your eyes
-(optional) stapler

Step 2: Fold!

Picture of fold!
Use the image below as a guide.
1) Take the upper left corner and fold it down right, try to match the top to the right side off the paper
2) Do the same for the upper right corner
3) Flip the paper
4) Press the middle off the folded cross and fold the top of the paper down so that the top and bottom part off the cross meet up
5) Flip the paper
6) Here comes the hard part: Press the middle off the cross and fold the left and right side towards each other. fold the top down. make sure all your folds are sharp(see hints section)
7) Now take the left and right corner off the triangle you just folded and fold them to the point off your triangle(to make a diamond shape)
8) Fold your airplane in half
9) Make a new fold +/- 1/3 of an inch(+/-1cm) above the (new) bottom off the plane
10) Do the same on the other side
11) Now the most important part:fold the last part off your wing up, This is to increase lift, Do this on both sides
12) fold your airplane open and make sure the wing-flap-thingys are at a 90 degree angle to the wing
13) (optional) to optimize your plane you can add staples to the front section on the plane to decrease lift(this airplane normally has too much and when you throw it it will go up and then down again, it's best to prevent this by adding weight to the front)
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dfrost5 years ago
my name is dylan frost
dfrost5 years ago
dose anyone live in capac Michigan?
I call this is the F81-1 Shark.
lieuwe (author)  OrigamiAirEnforcer5 years ago
i call it an paper airplane glider :-P, it works pretty good,
Cool. Yes, it does work quite well. I've even made on that can land on water.
lieuwe (author)  OrigamiAirEnforcer5 years ago
neat, how did you do that?
You put three corks on it. Two up front and one in the back.
lieuwe (author)  OrigamiAirEnforcer5 years ago
wow, that sounds aerodynamic :-P
Not really...but this design is still good enough to function.
rmm82616 years ago
it's name is tudy
lieuwe (author)  rmm82616 years ago
nad this is related to this instructable how?
rmm82616 years ago
i have a toad