I have very fond memories of my "Grampa D" from when I was little. He taught me how to make the World's Best Paper Airplane and today I can share it with you. This paper airplane design has been enjoyed and played with for 3 generations. The front is blunt so it can take a crash and keep going. It is simple, unique, and glides pretty well. (Usually better than in the video) All you need is a regular size sheet of paper, I used printer paper, and scissors.

You have the choice to watch the instructional video, read the step-by-step instructions, and/or view the step-by-step pictures.
Enjoy :-)

Step 1: Make a Square and Cut

  • Fold one corner down along the other edge so you have a 90 degree angle
  • Then fold the bottom part up and crease it.
  • Unfold them all and cut off the rectangle on the bottom along the crease you made so now you have a square and a rectangle.
<p>what a plane!does a barrel roll,doesn't it?any more tips to fly like flatten the wings,keep folded tail?awsome plane!</p>
<p>made it!you see the taped plane that you would say 'not so good'I am only 9 year boy</p>
how do you do step 3? <br>so confused <br>
i had a very fond memories of my dad when he taught me how to make a paper airplane just like this one. Also in CAD class today i made it and it was epic.(it the same one) We went to a farm to lean about farming and my dad taught the teachers there to make it.(why did they make paper airplanes there) <br>
Now you've got me wondering. My dad, also a &quot;D&quot;, taught me how to make this when I was a kid and advised me to never share the process because it was a family secret. The only difference was he would cut a circle in the center of the tail, and he like to throw it by using his index and middle finger on the top and bottom of the front. <br><br>Then I look at your profile page and see that one of your favorite projects here is a color organ. I like color organs and keep wishing that someone would come up with a PC program to simulate one. Spooky.
If u dont have scissors, or dont want to go and get them, if u lick the crease while its folded, then fold it the other way and do the same thing. u can then easily tear it of without causing damage to either piece of paper.

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