Are you not good at using and making paper airplane? Are you new to it? Then make a really simple paper airplane dart glider and get advice and tips on paper airplane!

You need:

Now before you go to next step, there what you will have after you finished looking and make starter pack:

Paper airplane dart glider

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Step 2: 1

Picture of 1
Fold it in half.

Step 3: 2

Picture of 2
Fold the tip in to a triangle a-like shape and do the other side.

Step 4: 3

Picture of 3
Fold the triangle again in to a wide triangle a-like shape and do the other side.

Step 6: How to fly it.

Just throw it but don't throw it too hard or otherwise the paper airplane will fly up and don't throw it too mild or otherwise the paper airplane won't move far.

Step 7: Tip 1.

Paper airplane crash tip.

Paper airplane crash tip is a tip that won't ruins your paper airplane tip.

How to make it:

Just fold the tip.

Step 8: Tip 2:

Paper airplane elevator:

Paper airplane elevator make your paper airplane glides longer.

How to make it:

Rip the 2 times at the end.
Lift the flap bit up.

Step 9: Tip 3: [Optional]

Paper clip:

Paper clip will only make your paper airplane go faster.

How to put it on:

Put it on the front end.

Step 14: The paper airplane race advic.

If your racing, do this:

Decal your paper airplane
Make a start and finish line
Distance race

i made it!!

I don,t get it at all
wat. (author)  kaylaangelkisses3 years ago
Why didn't you get it?
little bit late,but i just cant fold the tip right.thanks for asking
wat. (author) 3 years ago
I just don't know why this is so popular.
GameNox4 years ago
You know there is a program for stuff like this. Its called Microsoft Publisher. It shows you where to fold and everthing.
wat. (author)  GameNox3 years ago
Aerofan4 years ago
is the dart durable for beginners?
wat. (author)  Aerofan4 years ago