Introduction: Paper Airplane: the Nakamura Lock

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This is one of the best paper airplanes that I've ever made. It is moderately simple to fold and a very good flier. It is a gentle glider with a "flat" front so if it ever crashes the front won't crinkle up like it would on a airplane with a pointy tip. TIP: If you ever have a Nerf war, you can put a Nerf velcro dart in The Nakamura Lock and throw it at someone. This is very fun.

You like? Well let's get foldin'.

Step 1: What You'll Need

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This step shows you what you need. A sheet of paper, a pen or pencil, and a ruler. USE A RULER! I DON'T HAVE ONE.

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body

Time to fold up the body of the airplane. This is the hardest step. READ ALL NOTES!!!!!

Step 3: Final Folds

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Time to finish up the plane. Again, READ ALL NOTES!!!!!!

Step 4: You're Done!!!

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Yay, you finnished an awesome paper airplane. Not much to say here, so, go throw it around!


amaria2019 (author)2017-11-28

The dog is cute!

amaria2019 made it! (author)2017-11-28

It s fun to throw and is very accurate!

nolengarey (author)2017-01-03


frankygaragemilano made it! (author)2016-06-24


star2d2 made it! (author)2016-05-27

super cool

RT3Gamer (author)2016-05-20

Great Job! I myself am an engineer and seeing you explain something so simple that works is most impressive!

SukiratA (author)2016-02-03

ah,can I ask why the finishing picture has a dog on it?

Jack Sconemaker (author)2015-11-24

Awesome plane! Works great.

Vishalp1 (author)2014-10-05

Hoorai i didz it it fliez really whel.

Jack Sconemaker (author)Vishalp12015-11-24


ricoc3po (author)2015-11-24

Just made it. Flies very smoothly.

dchall8 (author)2010-03-15

There's a secret to making that particular plane fly better.  I'll let you look around for it. 

FlutterTree (author)dchall82010-03-16

I think I know it. You fold up the back of the wings so they're almost straight up.

Goku747 (author)FlutterTree2015-10-16

incorrect, you bend the wings upward

WillB3 (author)2014-12-13

Interesting, I've been making a very similar plane design I call the PhoeniX, or the Eagle X, which is like this but uses a much more simple and crisp wing design, which is also related to the Delta, a twist on the classic Dart.

esturges (author)2011-08-04

my brother wants to know if you poked the dogs eye out with ur paper plane O_O

FlutterTree (author)esturges2011-08-06

Umm, no?...

An Villain (author)2010-04-27

Another group of people call it the F15 Tomahawk.

FlutterTree (author)An Villain2010-05-03


An Villain (author)FlutterTree2010-05-03


FlutterTree (author)An Villain2010-05-05


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