Here I show you how to fold a paper airplane.

Step 1: Take One Sheet of Paper (A4 or Letter)

You can either take a blank sheet or print out the pdf files.
Print fly1.pdf on on side and fly2.pdf on the other (of one sheet).
The two "Print arrows" must point in the same direction!

I also make a color version of the airplan with a jet engine (see: fly_color1.pdf and fly_color2.pdf).
Hope you like it.
nice instructions, i remember making this airplane from a book i got it flys pretty dang well.
Yay Klutz books!<br />
Good idea to put the nice PDFs online!
Very good job! I'm actually posting mine right now. I'm recording the video on the roof as well, as planned yesterday at night. Had to wait till now... great job!

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