Picture of The Easy Paper Airplane Auto Retrieval System
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Step 1: Things you need

20-30ft of yarn (string works)
Hole Puncher (scissors work)
A Paper Air Plane (a ball of paper works)

: ) That is all.

Step 2: Punch the Hole

Picture of Punch the Hole
Take your airplane at the back and punch a hole in it

Step 3: Tie the Knot

Picture of Tie the Knot
Take your yarn/string and pull it through the hole. Then tie a knot.

Step 4: Throw the Plane

Picture of Throw the Plane
Chuck that thing across the room because you no longer need to get up to retrieve it.  : )
(note:remember to hold onto the string!)

Step 5: You are Done!

Good job! you have successfully equipped your plane with the auto retrieval system!
Have fun.
Thanks for looking!
cxt14 years ago
Nice idea (but it doesn't help the airplane fly as well)
FrozenIce4 years ago
Its a good idea but sadly it makes the airplane fly worse :( but nice idea:]
wat.4 years ago
No need to get up, good idea.
This does reduce performance doesn't it?