Paper Airplane in 30 Seconds





Introduction: Paper Airplane in 30 Seconds

Here's how to make one of my favorite paper airplanes in 30 seconds for the Forbes Teach Me Fast Contest.

The song is "303 is TNT" by DJ Moule. You can download it from his site here.



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    um, suggestion, fold the wingtips down, because then the air is forced to go under the wings not slide out

    i luuv this airplane!!! the nakamura lock is da best paper airplane i have ran in to :)

    you both think u r the master of both leagues but i am superior over all humankind MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what are we supposed to be better at?

    Too Bad, cause I'm a beeeeaaaast!

    hey fungus umungus. to make it into a stunt plane all you have to do is bend the ends of the plane upward

    You totally copied my paper airplane! .

    yeah he didnt take "your" plane. its nakaruma lock thats been around for a LONG time.

    That design has been around for a long time.

     This plane has received many names.  I call it the Harrier.
    It flies VERY well. Those who have stumbled across this 'able just like that SHOULD try it.