Here's how to make one of my favorite paper airplanes in 30 seconds for the Forbes Teach Me Fast Contest.

The song is "303 is TNT" by DJ Moule. You can download it from his site here.
<p>um, suggestion, fold the wingtips down, because then the air is forced to go under the wings not slide out</p>
<p>either can i! lol!</p>
i luuv this airplane!!! the nakamura lock is da best paper airplane i have ran in to :)
you both think u r the master of both leagues but i am superior over all humankind MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .....so what are we supposed to be better at?
<strong>Too Bad, cause I'm a beeeeaaaast!</strong>
hey fungus umungus. to make it into a stunt plane all you have to do is bend the ends of the plane upward
You totally copied my paper airplane! .
yeah he didnt take &quot;your&quot; plane. its nakaruma lock thats been around for a LONG time.
That design has been around for a long time.
&nbsp;This plane has&nbsp;received&nbsp;many names. &nbsp;I call it the Harrier.<br /> It flies VERY well. Those who have stumbled across this 'able just like that SHOULD try it.
i can do faster then that... but good luck :)
blod i will own you and any one else that comes in my way i hold 123456789 world records for making paper airoplans
Nicely done!
I am the king of paper airplanes. >:o
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Caitlinsdad-is-asking-for-it/">https://www.instructables.com/community/Caitlinsdad-is-asking-for-it/</a><br/>
There was a message for you.
I like the execution of your Instructable. You took the contest as literal as I did and the video can stand on its own as instruction on how to make something!! I only wonder why you didn't use the Forbes printed paper for your airplane?
Daft punk made the video
nice, funny cute cat
Great video, great music, and I liked the kitty, too!!
NO.. I am the master of your league too. Secretly...
Cool plane, and well done video! iMovie does a great job for something that comes free with your computer (it is free when you buy a mac, right?).
love the daft punk.......
That's one of my favorite planes! Also, I'd never have thought of mixing AC/DC with Daft Punk :P
No sorry that was me a couple years ago. I am still the champion
Oh boy does this ever bring back memories of entertaining myself during boring classroom periods in the third grade and how many times I got caught tossing them when I thought the teacher wasn't looking. Thanks for the great memory and I'ble Fungus,
Slick editing, what software are you using? (Actually I guess that technique is pretty common but I know almost nothing about video editing)
I used Motion for the sped up footage and iMovie to put it all together.
Fantastically simple. I am DYING to know where you got the audio track though. I can't seem to find the mix. HELP!
Added a link.
Nice plane, and that is the craziest mash-up of music i have ever seen, AC/DC's TNT, All around the world , and some guy shouting
Heheh. That guy is James Brown.
lol'd at he cat whats the music? me likey
Nice job, you have my vote! I like your cat's reaction.
i liked he music! Nice Video
What's the cat's name?
Her name is Indiana.
cool and i like how your cat came to inspect.

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