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The how-to for a paper airplane that makes loops, curves, and spikes.

Step 1: Step 1

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Take a single sheet of paper measuring 8.5" X 11" and place it on a flat surface (Picture 1). Next, fold the top right-hand corner down, to the bottom left-hand side of the paper. The resulting shape will resemble a right triangle (Picture 2).

Step 2: Step 2

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Now fold the top left-hand corner down, to the lower right-hand side of the paper (Picture 3). It should now look like a pentagon or a house with a roof.

Step 3: Step 3

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Take the top point of the pentagon or the "roof of the house" and fold it down so that the point is about 3/4" or 2 cm past the "roof lining" (Picture 4).

Step 4: Step 4

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You are almost finished with your paper airplane. Fold the paper in half as shown in Picture 5 below.

Step 5: Step 5

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This step is folding the wings. The wings on this paper airplane are large, that is because they are part of the body. Fold the both of the wings down so that it looks like Picture 6. The finished product will look like Picture 7.


patrick27 (author)2015-04-29

i relly lik that air plane

Rock Soldier (author)2010-01-31

Good job. Pictures are easy to follow, and the instructions themselves are easy.

carlos66ba (author)2008-07-14

Kind of dark in there. Is this a stealth plane? :-)

sgdittmer (author)carlos66ba2009-02-20


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