Paper Armor





Introduction: Paper Armor

Simple, easy, time consuming paper armor. Just need duct tape and plain paper.

Step 1: Rolling

Take a piece of paper by the corner and roll it as tightly as possible towards the opposite corner. Once rolled, tape it in place.

Once it is rolled it should be about 13 inches long and have about a 1/4 inch diameter.

For full arm guards you will need about 20 rolls for each of your upper arms and 15 for each of your forearms. This will change depending on how wide your arms are.

Step 2: Taping

Once you have enough rolls, you must tape them together. Line up your rolls so that the ends meet on one side but fan out near the top. Tape them together about 1 inch from the bottom. Tape again about 3 inches from the top.

Step 3: Fashoning a Strap

Take a long piece of duct tape (circumference of your body part times 2 + about 6 inches) and fold it almost in half so that the sticky sides meet and only about 3 inches are left sticky. Weave the side with the folded edge through about 5 rolls (over, under, over) and tape it in place. Then put it around your arm and tape the other side of the strap so it fits snugly.

Step 4: Done

Thats it, this works for most of your appendages and it really does make blows hurt less, but after a while it starts to sting. They take a while to make and restrict movement some but there isn't much else for me to do in school so these happened. These can go on arms or legs and i may make a full body suit if there is any response to this. Goodbye.



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    True, trees would make better armor, but don't you think it would be a bit difficult to move with trees strapped to your arms and legs? :)

    he is talking about the paper coming from trees

    Nice but wont stand a chance against a Desert Eagle. The gun and the actual eagle.

    2 replies

    dont think most old time armor could stand a chance against a desert eagle. minigun wouldnt do much, pretty harmless right?

    can you make a full paper armor suit?

    I am going to make an instructable, your idea was so inspiring, I will give you credit...

    And if you had the time you could resin and fiberglass it to reinforce the strength of it.

    sorry dude. how much paper do you need because it looks cool. the other people made fun of you but i am apoligizing. sorry.byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


    shadow does not like.roflao

    Picture 003.jpgPicture.jpg

    this is the dumbest thing ever

    This looks like oriental (Japanese?) bamboo armour - it would be OK against sticks, rocks, even a few sword slashes, but little use against piercing wounds (arrows, sword-stabs) and absolutely useless against bullets.

    (Mind, this chap says Japanese armour wasn't bamboo)

    6 replies

    ...and be dealt a ringing blow ...

    Puns should be considered a social faux pas

    So I was in my car, and I was driving along, and my boss rang up, and he said 'You've been promoted.' And I swerved. And then he rang up a second time and said "You've been promoted again.' And I swerved again. He rang up a third time and said 'You're managing director.' And I went into a tree. And a policeman came up and said 'What happened to you?' And I Said 'I careered off the road.'

    You're not coming to any of my parties.