Wearing a paper bag over your head? Spice it up!!

Step 1: First Step

You will need a printer, scissors, spray adhesive, objects such as ribbons, buttons.., and a paper bag. The first step is to print the photo of your desired face.

Step 2: Step 2

Cut out face for a more realistic look.

Step 3: Step 3

Cut out eye holes so you can see and the mouth if your feeling frisky

Step 4: Step 4

Cut out the same holes in the paper mask so they match with the photos cut outs.

Step 5: Step 5

Spray adhesive on back of photo and stick down on paper bag.

Step 6: Step 6

Add objects to mask for a more realistic look. (ribbons, buttons&.)

Step 7: Final Step

Put on mask and feel fantastic!
<p>Problem is, where do you find a paper bag nowadays?</p>
<p>Ask a full service grocery store, you may pay $.15 per pound, or $.05 per large bag.<br>Or, make a bag from paper and glue... maybe could even use a rubber band to hold a printed face up as a mask.<br>Hope this helps. :)</p>
<p>I think I stared at that for an entire minute to try and figure out what was going on. Great job!</p>
<p>hmmm, so i could be WONDER WOMAN!! lol</p>
<p>That's hilarious. It's so simple you could make several different ones and double and triple dip the good houses. LOL!</p>
<p>Love the look!</p><p>These bags can get hot after a while - I like to cut a couple of Eye-Sized holes in the top (bottom of the bag) in order for some of the air to escape as it heats, thereby drawing cooler air up from the shoulders area...</p>
<p>Great idea! I could be cool to swap faces and clothes with a friend and go out on the town together. I bet people would mix em up a lot.</p>
very cool idea. i asked mrs steveinsandiego if i could be her and she could be me. she was very uncooperative. LOLOLOL.<br /> <br /> <br />
<p>oh, that is just TOO <strong>funny</strong>!! <strong>( :D</strong></p>
What a clever mask!<br><br>Once witnessed, it's one of those, 'Why didn't *I* think of this???' ideas.<br><br>Congrats!<br><br>Blue skies<br>Roy
Agreed! :D
I am doing this for halloween!
How do you keep it on straight in order to see. What about a cardboard inner frame?
Easy and useful . I make it now !
That is hysterical!!!! *2 Thumbs Up*!<br />
Excellent! Very funny.<br /> <br /> I will make one of Kirsten O'Brien (from CBBC) and take it out with me, when I&nbsp;go drinking in the city, so that I&nbsp;may put it over the heads of the women I&nbsp;meet.<br /> <br /> Because, let's face it, I always end up with the munters...<br />
This is terrific, and not too expensive, thanks for sharing.
Ingenious. &nbsp;
I Love IT!!
This is hiliarious, I love it!<br />
The man's going to love this. He wants to be some famous&nbsp;fraudster (whose name I can't remember) for Halloween this year, and just dressing him up in a suit and tie would not be enough. The paper-bag-on-your-head idea is just&nbsp;killer.
I love it :) Great idea!
this looks really cool, gonna throw a Bday party and would like do a 'macolvich' theme.&nbsp; how big a picture?&nbsp; 8x10?
hahaha 'cut a mouth hole if you're feeling frisky' nice job, i know when a mask like this would come in handy...
Cool, I was going to be the thing(?) from the Scream painting for halloween this year, this'll help out alot.
Paper bad mask or: How I learned to stop worrying about my appearance and throw a bag over my head. This is great, I was looking for ways to go as myself for halloween.
Hide your shame, with style.
The ribbon is a nice touch.
Almost as creepy as the balaclava...
Very clever!

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