Introduction: Paper Bag Prank

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Normal paper bag right? WRONG! Lift this up and your prankee should get a nice surprise. This is easy but hilarious to watch. So lets jump right in

Step 1: You Will Need

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A sandwich bag A handful of Lego or other small things

Step 2: Cut a Hole in the Paper Bag

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Nuff said.

Step 3: Setting Up

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Put your bag in someplace curious bystanders will notice it now fill the bag with the items of your choice. They should fit through the hole in the bottom.

Step 4: Watch It Unfold

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Sit somewhere and get some popcorn. My experience with thus is that sometimes people will actually fix it after the initial shock of getting a bunch of stuff falling out of the bottom of the bag. It worked so well for me I was able to trick my whole family before even getting up.

Step 5: Vote!

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