Paper Balloon





Introduction: Paper Balloon

Hi! this is my first instructable and I think this is a fun little project that all you need is a sheet of computer paper, and some scissors. The final product is a little paper cube or a "balloon" that you can play with. also a great time waster to make in school(Plus, you can make a maraca out of it).

Step 1: Fold the Paper

Take your sheet of paper and fold it diagonally and line it up with the other edge (just like you are making a paper snowflake) and cut off the excess paper on the edge(save this piece if you want to make a maraca). Unfold the newly square sheet and then fold the sheet the opposite way ( so you have a sheet with two creases crossing each other in the middle.

Step 2: The 1st Sorta-hard Step

this is hard to explain, but you have to take your paper square and fold two sections so they turn in and look like the diagram does ( the regular view makes it look like a triangle), with two sides turned in. Press down hard on the triangle to make the flaps inside fold down.

Step 3: Make the Diamond Shape

Take your triangle and fold both sides up to the top so now there is a " diamond" shape where the triangle used to be. If you have no Idea about what I am saying, look at the diagram

Step 4: The 2nd Sorta-hard Step

now, fold in the two end edges( again, observe the diagram), and now comes the tricky part. On both of the folded in flaps, there is a small pocket. Take the paper folds by both of these pockets and tuck them in ( this is crucial). repeat steps 3&4 an the other side.

Step 5: Youre Almost Done

Finally! now you are basically finished. Take your soon to be box and blow it up at the hole on one side.BEHOLD! you have a box. (if you want to make a maraca, tear up a strip of paper, stick it in the hole in the box and put in a pencil and annoy people with it)



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    If you don't know this is called a waterbomb, you don't know much about orogami

    1 reply

    thats not true frozen star

    in the back where the hole is u hold the butain (lighter fluid) reliese button for a couple seconds then light the lighter and hold it kinda close to the back and it is now a crapy rocket and good instructable

    This is called a Japanese water bomb... yes for the reason you think... filled with water and dropped!

    I made an instructo on another way to use these check it out its so cool

    i know how to make this did you know you could fill it with water. If you throw it at something it will explode I called it the waterbomb

    1 reply

    Nice job, kid. I often make a couple of these for bored youngsters in airports. Lightens everyone's mood.

    it can also be a water bomb with a few layers.

    Go easy with the comments ( it's my first instructable)