Picture of Paper Balloon
Hi! this is my first instructable and I think this is a fun little project that all you need is a sheet of computer paper, and some scissors. The final product is a little paper cube or a "balloon" that you can play with. also a great time waster to make in school(Plus, you can make a maraca out of it).
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Step 1: Fold the paper

Picture of  fold the paper
Take your sheet of paper and fold it diagonally and line it up with the other edge (just like you are making a paper snowflake) and cut off the excess paper on the edge(save this piece if you want to make a maraca). Unfold the newly square sheet and then fold the sheet the opposite way ( so you have a sheet with two creases crossing each other in the middle.

Step 2: The 1st sorta-hard step

Picture of the 1st sorta-hard step
this is hard to explain, but you have to take your paper square and fold two sections so they turn in and look like the diagram does ( the regular view makes it look like a triangle), with two sides turned in. Press down hard on the triangle to make the flaps inside fold down.

Step 3: Make the diamond shape

Picture of Make the diamond shape
Take your triangle and fold both sides up to the top so now there is a " diamond" shape where the triangle used to be. If you have no Idea about what I am saying, look at the diagram

Step 4: The 2nd sorta-hard step

Picture of the 2nd sorta-hard step
now, fold in the two end edges( again, observe the diagram), and now comes the tricky part. On both of the folded in flaps, there is a small pocket. Take the paper folds by both of these pockets and tuck them in ( this is crucial). repeat steps 3&4 an the other side.

Step 5: Youre almost done

Picture of Youre almost done
Finally! now you are basically finished. Take your soon to be box and blow it up at the hole on one side.BEHOLD! you have a box. (if you want to make a maraca, tear up a strip of paper, stick it in the hole in the box and put in a pencil and annoy people with it)