Step 6:

Fold together and glue the long tab on the pendulum to make double thickness card.

Assemble the pendulum.

Glue the two paper hinges into place. The larger of the two remaining hinges is on the left and should be glued vertically down the pendulum.

<p>So cool... I love working with paper. I can do a lot of origami, but I had no idea you could do this!</p>
This is cool and fun. :D
REALLY!!! So your gonna pull us in to such a cool project then say <u>&quot;but wait you either have to pay to be a member or pay our non-member price&quot;</u> thats a load of <u><strong>BULL!</strong></u> that is like running a commercial on here!!!
May I just say cool project but could you stop using it as a commercial and put a FREE .pdf on here so that people will then see they like your stuff and get a membership.
ouuu I have to pay to download the model mmm enfermo conchetumare (That sad that is not free).... is so cool!
&quot;You can download the parts for this project for free on the robives.com website here.&quot; <br> <br>not really free if you have to be member to have them ...
That is awesome! I love the way this one moves. Perfect for the birds!
Oh this is very cool! Well done!

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