Picture of Paper Birthday Cake

Follow these simple instructions to make this charming papercraft Birthday Cake. This paper project was originally from my website www.robives.com

Download the pdf file of parts at the link. Print out the three sheet onto thin card (230gsm / 67lb) Score along all the dotted and dashed lines cut out the holes then carefully cut out the parts.

Step 1:

Picture of

Glue the three pieces of the cake slice together then fold them up and glue it to make a slice.


Low carb! And beautiful!

yacer_noui25 days ago

great job

HandokoL2 months ago
Definitely going to make it. Thanks alot.
MohitS11 year ago

so nice . i tried to make it but i cannot download the template for some reason . Mr./Ms.Robives , can you please send me the template at "mohitsidhu@hotmail.com" or "msidhu8999@gmail.com" . i really want to make it . it will be a real favor . please try to send it

Madouc441 year ago

This is so pretty and useful, thank you! :-)

nino sajad1 year ago
thats very good
Haha cool!
Lambert981 year ago

Tastes like cardboard :'(

robives (author)  Lambert981 year ago

You're probably using the wrong printer ink...

momoluv1 year ago
Great job and very descriptive! Thanks for leaving the link! Will do

All I can think is the cake is a lie! I love it!

jmwells1 year ago
Cute idea for a gift box.

So adorable!

绛彧1 year ago

So cute!I love it!

robives (author)  绛彧1 year ago