Picture of Paper Blow Gun
This is my first instructable so it MIGHT be a little hard to under stand. Watch the video for an example

A paper blow gun made from straws and paper.

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Step 1: Things you need for this instrutable...

Picture of Things you need for this instrutable...
You will need:

1. Giant straw
2. small drinking straws
3. tape
4. paper

Step 2: Tape straws together....

Picture of Tape straws together....
Set two small straws by each other (side by side) and tape. Tape it at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom. Do the same for the other two small straws.

Step 3: Put it all together..

Picture of Put it all together..
Now attach the straw bundles (2 the straws of 2) to the big straw with tape. If you want you can mark the end (or the beginning) with foil (or and other thing).

Step 4: Test it out!

Picture of Test it out!
Take a SMALL bit of the paper and ball it up. Put it in the beginning of your gun, then blow on the SAME end for maximum force! :D If it gets stuck turn the gun to the opposite side with the paper then blow on that side.
vismay3213 years ago
ok that can help????
Undermig6 years ago