Paper Blowgun


Introduction: Paper Blowgun

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This is a blowgun that is made out of paper and tape. It is very easy to make and if you make it right, it will shoot about 30 feet.

Step 1: What You Need

4 pieces of paper.



Step 2: The Pipe

Take three pieces of paper and tape them together to look like one thick piece of paper.

Roll it up and tape it to make the pipe. It should be small enough to put your mouth around it.

Step 3: The Dart

Cut a rectangle out of the remaining piece of paper.

Roll it up so one end is smaller than the other and tape it.

Cut a small square out of the paper.

Tape it to the small end of the dart.

Put another piece of tape on the other side to make it look like that.

Now, take a piece of tape and stretch it around the top of the dart so it looks like a cone.

Step 4: Fitting the Dart

Set the dart into the pipe and cut the end of it off.

Step 5: Done!

Your blowgun should be done!

Possible Problems:

Problem: The dart doesn't go even when I blow.

Solution: Trim the top of the dart off a little bit.

Problem: The dart wobbles and doesn't go very far.

Solution: Add some tape to the top of the dart.



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    great prototype, but why dont you use something like duct tape around the place you put your mouth so that your salyva doesnt eat away at the paper. I know from experiencd, and actually got a piec of paper in my throat :D