Picture of Paper Boat
A paper boat can be crafted from any piece of paper big or small.
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Step 1: One

Picture of One
 To begin find a piece a paper.

Step 2: Two

Picture of Two
 Fold the paper in half the short way.

Step 3: Three

Picture of Three
 Find the center, and fold the two corners along the fold as seen in the image.

Step 4: Four

Picture of Four
 Fold the bottom on both sides up to cover the corners from the previous step.

Step 5: Five

Picture of Five
 Next fold the corners from step four in order to produce a triangular shape.

Step 6: Six

Picture of Six
 Next take the two opposing corners and bring them together, which results in a diamond shape with an opened bottom.

Step 7: Seven

Picture of Seven
 Take the two points from the previous step and fold them upward towards the top point.

Step 8: Eight

Picture of Eight
 Open up the bottom and form a solid fold.

Step 9: NINE

Picture of NINE
 Pull the two points at the top of the shape opened as seen in the image. Then your boat is done.
cpilapil4 years ago
It's hard to do the fold in step 3