Paper Bomber





Introduction: Paper Bomber

This is a slow flying stable paper airplane with adjustable ailerons. It has a verry long hang time,and low stall speed.

Step 1: Materials and First Fold

1. 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper, printer paper is the best, it will maintain rigidity. You can use notebook paper, but it will decrease flight performance

2. Make the firs fold longways across the paper.

Step 2: Second Fold, Folding the Body

1. Open up the previous fold
2. Fold the top corners into the center crease

Step 3: Fold Over the Sides

fold the sides over the corners into the center crease

Step 4: Fold the Nose

fold the nose about 2 inches into the body.

Step 5: Fold the Wings

1. Fold the wings in the same way you would for almost every airplane
2. fold the ends of the wings up slightly, these will keep the plane stable during flight

Step 6: Launch!

1. hold at the center of mass.
2. throw slowly, angled slightly upward
3. adjust the ailerons to change flight characteristics



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    Really nice paper plane! Thanks for sharing those instructions!!! :D

    it has good instructions but it does not work

    one of the best simple planes ever i made mine out of a4 paper and it flys like a treat

    hey nice plane just askin whats "ailerons"?

    ailerons control airflow over the plane, changing its direction. In this design, they control stability, if you want it to turn, dive or roll, just make 2 cuts in the back of each wing and experiment with bending the paper in between the cuts.

    i need some help man with the best plane y does it not rolls when i cut 2 cuts at the back of the wings werid neeed helP!!

    put one elevator up and the other down. hopefully, hopefully it will roll

    oh and an elevator is the little "cut" thing you're talking about

    very cool the best plane ever