Picture of Paper Bricks

In the house there can be a lot of accumulated newspaper, and paper waste.  From the garden in a village you have to cut the sticks and twigs, and gets some lop and top. You can hand it over for refuse disposal for salvage, or make for yorself some fuel paper bricks.

If you have some tools, like garden shredder, or concrere mixer, the method is simple.  There is a question, why  don’t you burn it as it is? Becouse the superposited newspapers enshroude the fire, and the shredded twigs burn better.

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Step 1: Mixing

Picture of Mixing


The papers, newspapers and other spoilage papers has to be cut in about 4-5 cm wide bands or pieces. The twigs the lop and top will be cut in the shredder in 2-3 cm long pieces. All this is put in the concrete mixer, with the same volume water. The paper volume/weight is always more, than the wood.  After mixing it will be conditioned for a day. Then the whole squaqsh will be mixed once again, till the paper gets soft. From the concrete mixer you can upset the squash in a tub. From the tub it is much better to put it in the stamp with a shovel.











Step 2: Pieces of the stamp

Picture of Pieces of the stamp

The base is a plate, with a little frame, and space bars on sides. The frame is from wooden plates, and iron tramps on the cormers, becouse a big pressure will be inside. The squeezing cover is a wooden plate, with a block. The height of the block is less, than the height of the frame. The inside of the stamp is 25x10x10 cm. Sometimes I need a little thick piece, when I press the ready brick out, and it is not enough high. The shredded twig and paper squash is put in the frame. Then I step on the cover, and press it, moving the weight from one side to the other.

Step 3: The stamp

Picture of The stamp
The stamp is made of wooden pieces: the base, the frame, and the squeezing cover.