In a new working environment, there is often a need for containers to hold and store the stationery or small tools like forceps and scissors. As paper is the most common material that could be found in most of the working environments and there are many wasted papers produced everyday due to either mistakes or some other reasons, those wasted papers can now be served as a resource to make a brush pot for this particular demand. The method provided in this tutorial is easy, quick and economical.

  • The whole procedure usually takes no more than 8 minutes.

Step 1: Materials Required

Getting Started:

1) 2 sheets of A4 size paper

2) (Optional) ~100 mL Wax

The wax can be used as a bottom padding or water proof material, it is recommended to add some melted wax into the finished item. Wax can be obtained by melting a candle in a pan at temperatures above 57 degree Celsius.

( For this tutorial, no wax is used )
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