Paper CD Case





Introduction: Paper CD Case

I have seen lots of instructables on making CD cases, so I thought I would add my version.

Step 1: Materials

-Some kind of adhesive tape
-8.5 x 11 paper

Step 2: This Is NOT Step 2, Step 3 Is Step 2

Go to next step please! Ignore this one!

Step 3: CD Sleeve

First in order to make the CD case you have to make a CD sleeve. Each CD sleeve will hold two CDs. To do this center the CD at the top of the paper as seen in the picture. Fold the excess length in as also seen in the picture (the red lines).

Step 4: Finished CD Sleeve

then fold in the excess length on the bottom up as seen in the picture.

Step 5: Repetition

Repeat steps 3&4 as needed.

Step 6: CD Case

First tape the CD sleeves together then tape them in between the sleeves.

Step 7: Apology

sorry if this instructable seems a bit like a 'for dummies' kind of thing but it was done this way to avoid annoying questions from cheapskate not-so-smart people. oh yeah, sorry to those cheapskate not-so-smart people if you are somehow offended by this, I know how sue-happy people are today.



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    excellent paper case!

    You can also add title for your case. I think this cd label maker would fit perfectly

    Nice project! I would like to try one using construction paper. I figure that this type of paper would be a bit more sturdy. Do you think it would scratch the discs?

    1 reply

    while i don't think it would scratch it, its not impossible that it would. But you could test it by rubbing against a blank CD. another material you could use is cardboard. Like that thin cardboard you find as the back cover of five star notebooks, you might be able to use that. which also works well as a book cover for a small book you may want to carry in your pocket...

    something i intended to add to the apology step, I have DIAL-UP!!! And it would have taken me years to check out all the other paper cases. And if i had anything other than dial-up the pics would be better.

    Hey, I remember dial-up, wasn't that the thing that the cavemen used to look at instructables on how to build the wheel?

    lol, its the best i can get i live at the half way point between the city and the country, and I am surrounded by trees. But they r putting in fiber optic cable, which means faster internet! XD

    I kinda have the same problem, the dsl station is almost too far away, so the dsl is a little bit slower than normal.

    the awesomeness of instructables makes up for my 26.4 Kbps

    That's not too bad, me and my friend both have a psp and at my house with the wireless connection we get about 100Kbps and at his we get about 19Kbps, so you aren't that bad lol.

    sometimes after i have been on the internet for an hour or so, i don't know if its my dial-up or this site messing up, but i will click on something and a download window will pop-up, i close it and try again download window again (X1,000,000)so i get pissed off and quit trying

    Oh, well good luck with the faster internet.