Paper Case for Mailing a CD Mix





Introduction: Paper Case for Mailing a CD Mix

About: Quirky gifts, colorful paintings, detailed drawings, silly graphics--I do it all.

To stay in touch across the country, a childhood friend of mine and I mail each other themed mix CDs every so often along with a letter.

I am somewhat obsessed with presentation, so I like to make CD envelopes that have compartments for the track listing, letter, and sometimes poems, ticket stubs, or whatever else in being included with the music. I make all the closures for the envelopes so that they can be removed without damaging the paper.

This CD was made right after a U-HAUL move from Colorado to Florida. You see a whole lot of power lines driving across the country, and I love sketching the variations of telephone poles and transformers and all that. 

I made a protective tracing-paper envelope to mail the whole thing, and the address looked really cool with all the colors peeking out behind it.



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    Looks great. At first I thought the power lines were a hint to the Robert De Niro movie "Everybody's Fine".