Picture of Paper Castle: Fairytale Variation
All you need to construct this are A4 sheets of paper, a pair of scissors and celotape. And potentially a carboard box. But you can decide if you need one of those at the end.

Each step will take you through how to construct each part of the castle featured in the photograph. The beauty of this is that once you know how to construct each part you then have free reign (pardon the unintentional pun there) to make your castle as big and as complicated as you like! Please find templates supplied for this design at Stage 7 of this Instructable: print them off at size A4. You will need:
One of Template 1
Three of Template 2
Two of Template 3.A
Two of Template 3.B

Just a quick explanation of the various things you will come across on the templates:
Dotted Lines: require you to fold along them
Diagonal Lines: A space on the template that contains diagonal lines is an area to be cut out
Sticky Outy Bits Located to One Side of the Template: These are the tabs, you fold these and they are the bits you need the celotape for.

This project takes about 40 minutes providing you encounter no issues with the fiddly bits that require the celotape!

Righty then, let us begin.
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Step 1: Castle Entrance Archway

Picture of Castle Entrance Archway
Take template .1. and cut out the shape on it.
You will see the diagonal lines of the archway, and also between the battlements at the top of the shape, cut these sections out.
Fold the shape along the dotted lines, you will find that it falls naturally in on top of itself.
Fold in the tabs, tuck them inside and celotape to hold in place.

Archway complete.

Step 2: Inner Castle Battlements (AKA The Small Walls)

Picture of Inner Castle Battlements (AKA The Small Walls)
Take template number .2.
Note: You will need three of these

Cut out the shapes, you should have three of the same.
Cut out the areas where you see diagonal lines
Fold each one along the dotted lines, fold in the tabs, tuck them inside and celotape in place.

You now have three small, inner battlements.
ravenking2 years ago
I like your castle. It reminds me back in the days when mom used to take me out to a burger place, I can't remember the name, but they used to have paper pirate ships that were ready to assemble that came with a kiddie meal purchase.
Solarbrains (author)  ravenking2 years ago
Thank you! That's fun that it reminds you of something like that. Ooohh, maybe I should work out a paper pirate ship? I believe you have inspired me!
I'm going to try making this for my grandkids.
I'm always trying to give them little surprises so that they'll think they've got a really clever Nanna...!
Solarbrains (author)  Nadia-in-Perth2 years ago
Please do Nadia! I'm glad you like it, definitely go for the carboard bases so that they stay up when the kids are playing with it. And do take a photo I would love to see it when your done! Have fun!!
Awww! That's so cute! I love it :)
Solarbrains (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you Penolopy! ^-^ I'm glad that you like it, thank you for the follow too!