Cut and fold a sailing catamaran for your nearest "ocean". It can carry a crew of ants, pepples, or some of your sister's favourite (miniature) dolls.

You will need a pair of scissors and an A4 80g/sqm office paper. (No sweat, the design can modified for inferiour formats.) No glue or tape is needed. ...nor batteries.

Step 1: Print or View the Drawing, Cut the Paper to Pieces.

The PDF-file provided below contains a drawing.

The drawing is a high precision machine drawing prepaired with programs used by NASA. If it is followed carefully, all parts will fit nicely together. For these reasons, it is recommended that the first one or two boats you make are built from printouts of this file.

Don't cry if you don't have a printer. The design is perfectly possible to follow just by viewing the drawing on your screen.

We start here by cutting the pieces apart along the solid lines. If you want fins, cut them out too. If not, you can leave them where they are. They can be used as a foredeck if left attached to the sail.
Where do I find these diagrams email- kyle-mcadam@hotmail.com
What diagrams? I just double-checked that the file papercat.pdf can be downloaded.
Nevr mind I found it
It could also hold people if you shoot them with a shrinkray... sorry about the writing. i have a spraied wrist.
dude pls tell me where did u find the designs
Find? I invented it! :-)
go to step 1 and below the picture is a adobe link called paper cat that is where you print out the plans
it looks cool I will try it 4/5
Check out my Instructable for paper boat <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy_paper_boat/">HERE</a><br/>
i ment <em>the</em> not te<br/>srry<br/>
how do i print te plans? it only has words and codes??????
looks kool will have to make
i made 1 of these 4 a skool project as a raft it didnt rech size requirements and som1 stabbed holes all in one hull so i make a new one to float tomorow at skool
this thing looks cool=)<br/>
this is mine after made
o srry i figured out what u were sayin so srry but kool boat
hey can u plz um show how to fold the hulls im confused
That's really cool. I would love to see someone go crazy and make a model with stiffer material like plastic and turn it into a r/c toy with a backup sail :P. *waves to boat* Was good to know you ants.
awsome ive bee trying to make a paper boa for awhile now in hopes of one day doing exactly what stormed suggested
cool making right now as I write this

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