Paper Cd Case !!! Flower Design





Introduction: Paper Cd Case !!! Flower Design

Step 1: Draw .

Draw the flower using cd.
Uyou can look at foto or at grafik version.

Step 2: Cut Out.

Gut out the flower.
And the lines before point look pic.

Step 3: Fold.

Now fold as on pic.

Enjoy your cd case.



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    35 Discussions

    i don't want to spoil the fun for anyone, but if you -like me- create a lot of these, you might be interested in this template

    I did the same construction steps in Inkscape, then used the Union tool to make the cutting outline only. I haven't actually tested it properly yet (no A3 printer at home) but the final shape is only 28cm square (not 35mm) so it will fit on A3... either that or I did something badly wrong!

    Hopefully I can put artwork on the hex face before printing and have the pretty back.

    Neat, but seems like a lot of work for one CD sleeve.

    I think this is sick but don't you think this should have some tissue paper in it so it wouldn't scratch up the cd

    2 replies

    Tissue paper is much more likely to scratch the CD than paper. So that would probably be a bad idea.

    Nah, information side goes down on the smooth part so you can write on the top anyway. No scratches, and the friend opens it to more of your artwork.

    I just followed the video and made one. it's quite easy to make and I love it! thanks :)

    Wow. I knew bad called garbage made a cs cover like this and I tought I want to do something like this too and I finally found it. Not sure still can I do it, never made origamis tough... But I'll try