Paper Christmas Elf Decoration





Introduction: Paper Christmas Elf Decoration

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This tutorial shows you how to make a Paper Christmas Elf Decoration using Bare's Electircally Conductive Paint, paper, a flashing LED and a Battery

You will need 
Bare Conductive Pen
Paper template
3V Coin Cell Battery UK: Kitronik / US or UK: Digi-Key

Step 1: Download the Template

Download the template, you can add a photo of your friends or family wither by cutting it out or, inserting it digitally, or draw your own elf face.  

Step 2: Cut Out Your Template

Be careful not to cut yourself

Step 3: Draw on Your Circuit

Decide where you want the LED and battery, poke the components through the paper. 
Make sure the positive of the LED (long leg) goes to the positive of the battery. Draw in your circuit on the back of the template using your Bare Paint Pen.  Make sure not to short circuit the components.

Step 4: Fold Up Elf

While the paint is drying fold up the arms and legs.

Before you fold up the body, add a rubber band or ribbon to the top so you can hang your elf on your tree. 

Step 5: Assemble and Complete

Once everything is folded up, glue the arms and legs to the elf body. 

Now your elf is complete! You can hang it on your tree or stand it on your desk. 



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