I TA'ed for a course called Experimental Games, where my students design and prototype playthings for really young children. My professor teaches the students about childhood development and mechanisms of play, but it was my job to introduce basic physical and electronic prototyping skills, so that the students could create more immersive and engaging projects throughout the semester.

This project was created as a lab activity for my 12 students, and it was well received. Each team of two managed to complete the project within an hour and a half. If you'd like to run this lab yourself, I've attached my .pdf instruction slides. It's a paper circuit translation of this guide by HelloTechie.

(As a heads up, most of the pictures of the step by step were taken when I was still developing the lab. The templates were smaller, and I didn't go in the same steps as I now advertise. Hope it isn't too confusing.)

Components per Kit:

  • 4 330 Ohm resistors
  • 4 LEDs (blue, red, yellow, green)
  • Conductive tape (with conductive adhesive)
  • 1x piezo speaker
  • Arduino Uno (or Arduino-like microcontroller) and USB cable
  • solid-core wire (or jumpers)
  • 1 ply chipboard
  • card stock or printer paper
  • glue stick
  • markers

Required Tools:

  • laser cutter OR scissors and an X-Acto knife
  • wire stripper

Step 1: Prepare Your Template.

I laser cut these templates from 1 ply chipboard at the Invention Studio, our on campus makerspace. Chipboard templates are pretty sturdy, but if you don't happen to have a laser cutter handy, you can print them on card stock and cut them out with scissors and an X-Acto knife.

For each kit, you'll need one circuit guide, one cover, and 4 buttons.

To Laser Cut your own template:

I've attached the .svg files for your convenience. The each of the two template pieces should be 8" in diameter - check them, because I've been having scaling issues with illustrator lately.

Engrave the red parts, score the black lines, cut through the blue lines.

<p>looks like you would have the most demanded class on campus one word got out about how much fun students had learning. Wish I could take the class myself.</p>
<p>Looks like fun!</p>

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