Picture of Paper Claw
My first instructable. Please be gentle.

Have you ever wanted to claw someone right in the face (not recomended)? Well, now you can! With these paper claws you can do just that! Yes, all you need is a peice of rectangle paper =_=

1 sheet of notebook or printer paper (card, or construction paper works well also)
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Step 1: The Begining

Picture of The Begining
First of all, you need to fold the top righ t corner down as shown in the picture. It HAS to be the top right, or it wont work.

Step 2: Next

Picture of Next
Next, you need to foltd the top left corner down to the bottom left corner.

Step 3: After you do that...

Picture of After you do that... need to fold the right side to were the diagonal corner at the top connects with the other side. Basicaly saying conntct the kmedium grey to the light grey.

Step 4: "Teh Triangle"

Picture of
Ok. Now you need to fold the bottom right corner up to the top left corner. you should end up with a triangle.

Step 5: Forming the fnger hole

Picture of Forming the fnger hole
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Ok. this part is crucial. Dont mess up. =). OK now you hold the triangle to were one point is facing up, one point is facing down, and the other to the right. Fold the top to about halfway, but not quite. Like shown in the picture. Fold it down one more time to get picture 2

Step 6: The last step

Picture of The last step
For the last step fold the remaining flap down and tuck it into the opening right on the side.m Then stick youf finger into the middle hole to have yourself a claw =)

WOW that looks like the claws on ELM STREET GUY

LGrogan171 year ago
No offense bro, but you spelled Kyuubi wrong. Hey but awesome origami man!!!!!!!!!!! I heart Naruto!( especially Gaara)
jdamm4 years ago
could you put it on video
jdamm4 years ago
just like me I don't get step 5
stupidninja5 years ago
wicked cool!
what i don't get step 5
hey people for da best instructions click da link below
speedy190m6 years ago
the last step was not described propoly
Nsane3216 years ago
Motta6 years ago
Doesnt make any sense...
Migacz6 years ago
26th coment!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah!!!!!!!!
Ward_Nox7 years ago
you could really F**K some one up if you made em of foil
Migacz Ward_Nox6 years ago
I did...
Migacz Migacz6 years ago
nine tailed foxxxx
whatabout coke can metal...aluminium?
that would cut you, unless you bent it over and made it smooth -evil ideas come into my head for freddy krueger costume for halloween-
true, I may test them i was thinking of adding foam padding underneath
put on a glove then the claws
i heard about a guy in the UK who made an actual freddy krueger claw complete with copper and razors and mauled 3 ppls. Scary.
Oh, my god. . .
good idea
arrow shot6 years ago
awesome. This 1 is better then the other IMO cause it does it step by step
CJ Pain7 years ago
step 5 ?
toragsgy7 years ago
plz can u reply about step 6 im so fu--ing confused!
Kyubi Naruto (author)  toragsgy7 years ago
whoops. I was having trouble with my internet and instructables wasnt loading. Ok about step five. You could draw an imaginary line from the obtuse angle on the triangle straight out to the other side. Then fold it about 1/2 of an inch below the line. Also step six is just repeating step five , folding it along the bottom of the fold made by step 5. Another thing- make sure that if you hold on to the triangle, the side that has only 2 layers, no more. Om sorry for the inconvenience or the flaw im my explaining, and i hope you figure it out =)
renuindia7 years ago
Thanks god I couldcomplete it
this suks butt
Superman137 years ago
Cool! The only step that kind of screwed me up was #5 with the second fold.
toragsgy7 years ago
omfg i dont geddit!!!!
NorskNaruto7 years ago
Didnt understand part 6 :S
Bobdoodley7 years ago
that was...Some!!!! I would of never figured it out without A thank you
gunnerguy7 years ago
nobody ever gives the right instructions these r so hard
Pie_eata7 years ago
these r neat! sectcy instructable too gj!
ojochris7 years ago
True, step 5 & 6 are confusing, But, unfortunately, sorry Ward_Nox, Foil is too flimsey, but construction paper works great ;) Nice 1st instructable
Okay, I finally got it after lots of being confused over step 5 and 6. It's a bit weak from being re-folded a lot, though. And, dang it's hard to type with claws. Poor cats.