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Introduction: Paper Claw

This is updated! Here is the link:

I was bored and i though about making a claw out of stuff i had lying around.
(I think?) I created the pull back mechanism so it opens.
it is made out of paper, string, and rubber bands.
I made two versions, and plan to make different add ons for them, it is expandable and the parts link together. One version is "2d", it only has two claws and it was made to prove that the pulling mechanism works. The other version has three claws and can pick up roundish objects. I might make a printable version of the design if someone asks.
Sorry about the darkness, i took it with my iPod Touch, and it is night time where i posted this, also, my desk is kinda cluttered, I have a lot of projects that I haven't posted yet



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Sir, or Ma'am,
would it be possible to see your design for this claw. My daughter is making a mechanical arm for her science project. We are using cardboard, rubber bands, brads, string, fishing line and binder clips. She needs to be able to pick up a pencil. It looks exactly what would be needed to do the job. Please let me know what can be done under this web site to obtain your permission to use your design.

Ok, you can use this design only if you don't show it commercially, sell it, etc... and credit me under this username
How big do you want it to be? I was going to post the template soon, I will make sure to do it as soon as possible.
When you make it make sure to post pictures!

No problem, dombeef, I will make sure my daughter lets the children and her teacher know where we found the claw for the design, and we will make sure we get some good pictures for you. As for size I am not sure at this point, due that we still have to contruct the length and width with the cardboard for the arm and base. IF I had to guess, I'll go with 2-4 inch diameter to connect to the arm. Claw has to be good enough to pick up a pencil size object, Other than that we are winging it.....LOL. She wanted to do something different for her project , I just didn't know how involved it was going to be, got to love kids imagination. Thanks again.

Ok, I,ll make the template sometime this afternoon hopefully. For the claw 's size, it has a diameter of about a one inch, it can pick up pencils and the like. The only problem with the one that I made, is that the claw is kinda wobbly, but that is because I didnt make it thick enough(easy solution, just glue two pieces of cardstock together), what are you going to use for the paper that makes up the claw? Cardboard might not work well, it could bend.

If needed I can see about construction paper or thin poster sheet for the claw.

Ok, make sure to double of triple layer it. I am making the template right now, it should be done by tonight, in my time zone, is about 4 to 5 hours

My daughter thanks you very much

Your welcome, good luck at the science fair

Ok so how will we obtain the template? Do you need our e-mail address, or will we be able to access it here on this forum? Just curious.

It will be a image or pdf, i have to upload it, it is on my other computer