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If you need some quick and cheap connectors for a project i found that paper clips work good. They are really cheap and they slide together and come apart really easily.

For my connectors i went and soldered the wire to them but you could also twist the wire onto it good and then cover it with hot glue
to connect the paper clips together just slide them together on the open end, you now have a good connection
If you need connectors that are insulated you can use paper clips that have a coating on them and just scrape off the coating on the sections that would make contact.

Hope everyone finds this useful



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    Good suggestion about using coated paper clips with just the connecting portion stripped. The insulation, in general, would be my biggest concern. Other than when prototyping, have you found a good use for this type of connection?

    Yeah ive used coated ones when im experimenting with speakers so that the connections wont touch

    this is neat...i never would have thought of it. thanks