This is a very easy project to make a Mobile Phone / Tablet / Phablet Stand using just a paper clip. The phone can be held in either the landscape or portrait mode. The phone that I used to test this out was Motorola Defy which is a 115g phone. The Tablet that I used to test this was Nexus 7.
The trick of this stand is that it uses the device's own weight to prevent itself from toppling over - just like a bookend.

Level : Easy
Cost  : $0 (approx.)
Time  : 2 min

I have also discovered that if you use two of these paper clip stands you can easily support a Tablet in landscape mode.

There is also a video to this and if you want you can jump directly to the last step to go to the video.

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project you would need only these

1. A paper clip (obviously)
2. A pair of pliers or something similar to bend the paper clip.
<p>Eeasy to do, fast and functional.</p><p>10/10</p>
<p>this is pretty good in a pinch!!!!</p><p>Heres how i made mine http://acarpenterslife.weebly.com/home/diy-phone-and-tablet-stand</p>
<p>cool about to make it</p>
I'm voting for the paperclip stand because it used a resource that many people have on hand for $0 cost; it takes less than five minutes to construct.
didnt know that was possible
Is that a Marlon Brando impersonation :-) nice instructable ?
What, the Godfather's? I just wish. No, sorry if it gave that impression but it was not and I believe it would be the worst impersonation of his voice - ever. <br>

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