Paper Clip Prank


Introduction: Paper Clip Prank

This prank is very simple, it shouldn't take more than 30 seconds prep

Step 1: The Unbend

Unbend the paperclip.

Step 2: The Rebend

Bend the paperclip into a U shape.

Step 3: The Second Rebend

Bend the two ends outward, like the picture. The two prong-like things you get are going to stick out of your sock.

Step 4: Final Prep

Stick the paperclip into your sock, and poke the prongs through. it should look like you stuck a paper clip through your ankle.



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    13 Discussions

    err it doesn't look a whole lot like a paper clip i would wear a long sleeve shirt and just try it with my wrist

    4 replies

    givem a break! at least he tried, how many instructables have you guys made?

    this really isnt a prank more of a joke

    It would be better if it was sticking out of your foot. I don't really see too many people thinking I stabed my foot through the ankle with a peperclip. Good idea though.

    The prank part is when somebody says "OMG U GOT IMPALED BY A PAPER CLIP"

    i think it is supposed to look like its going "through" his lag