I'm going to teach you how to make a paper clip skateboard. My mom said I couldn't use the camera so the pictures are all in paint. SORRY!!! The board is good for resturants and school.

Step 1: Materials

What you need...

- A Paperclip (works best with big ones)
- Your Teeth (sorry Grampa!!!)
- Your Hands
- Your Index and Middle Fingers
Wouldent the low curves on the end be better or is it just what u preferred
@NE patsrock Or just use your hands lol
Here's my skateboard:
Cool. I'm going to try that. :)
make a mini skateboard out of that?!? cool!
wouldnt it be more like a snowboard?
ikr!!!mine looks like that 2
dont use ur teeth use a wrench it works way easyier
i tried this and i like it its ok not the best but i use it in class and at lunch i use my tech deck
I put electrical tape all over mine and it slides alot better
Don't do this. It will damage your teeth!
I can do a backflip, thats pretty much it besides an ollie :)
my fingers kinda stick to the 'board' so I can do ollies and when I'm in the air I can flick it and I do kickflips or heelflips but if my fingers didn't I couldn't do a thing
is there any trick to help that happen? I can't do anything other then slap the back of the clip, help?
cool paint
Simple, yet it works!
lol could u imagine trying to skate on an oversised paper clip
shifty hair style!
I love it, way better than those silly "tech decks"
Tech Decks aren't silly, they just aren't good when your at a restaurant or at school because they make a lot of noise. The paperclip board is mostly meant for school and restaurants because they don't make noise like Tech Decks and other fingerboards.

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