Introduction: Paper Continuous People Chain in 5 Minutes

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So Let's get started.

I like to reuse any old material I have. Today, I found a piece of used paper roll and decided to make something useful for my little kid. I'm sharing it with you.

Here I show you how I made a little but beautiful paper people chain.


Paper roll. I had a long piece of paper used on a narrow type of printer. But you can use any piece of paper with the same shape.


Scissors , Aliexpress , Amazon US


Wish you the best. And have fun ,Live free And Read Books on Amazon

Step 1: Fold the Paper and Draw Your Unit

Fold the paper roll to the width you want to make your modular unit.

This single unit represents the one unit in the chain - here the unit is one person.

Then repeat folding the paper back to back until you reach the end of paper roll.

Draw the unit of the chain you want.

You can choose any other unit or shape.


Make sure to draw a unit that connects on both sides with other units. Here, I made the unit one person connected to other units of the chain by hands.

You can choose any other shape using same principle.

Make sure that the connection is wide enough to hold the chain strong.

Step 2: Cut the Paper

Using the scissors, cut the paper around the drawing.


Make sure not to cut the paper on both paper sides where the chain connects.

Also make sure that the connection points are wide enough to be strong to hold the chain together.

Step 3: Unfold the Paper and Enjoy the Chain

Now unfold the paper and see the people chain connected together.

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