Picture of Paper Corset Mockup
A well fitting corset can require several mockups and fittings to get right.  You can save yourself some time and frustration by creating a quick mock up in paper first so that you can look for obvious flaws and fitting issues before you do your first fabric mockup.  Making this paper mockup showed me some really important things I needed to fix before trying this in fabric.  Here's how I did it at TechShop Menlo Park.
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Step 1: Print Pattern

Picture of Print Pattern
Printed pattern.jpg
I'm starting with an original pattern from 1907 (that's the crazy multiline picture!), so I just know it's going to need some fixing.  I copied the pattern pieces and scaled them up in CorelDRAW, then made a few alterations to get it to approximately my size.  I'm not going into details of that here, but you can get an idea of how I work with patterns in CorelDRAW from my instructable on adding seam allowance, and my one on converting paper patterns to laser-ready files.  For this paper mock up, I've left my seam allowance lines showing, and I've drawn in my waistline and notches for matching.  You'll see why!

I've printed it out full size using the large format printer, then cut out each individual pattern piece.  

Step 2: Clip Seam Allowances

Picture of Clip Seam Allowances
All tabs cut.jpg
Fold tabs.jpg
Clip along the edges of your pattern to the stitch line.  I added 5/8" seam allowance, so each of my cuts is 5/8" deep.  This is where it helps to have your seam allowances drawn on your pattern so you don't have to guess.  Make each clip about a half inch apart on non curvy sections, and about a quarter inch apart on curvier areas.  Continue until all seam allowances are clipped.   My corset pieces only have seam allowance on the sides, so I've clipped all of the sides.

Fold back each "tab" created by your clipping to the wrong side of your pattern piece.

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